Hello World
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I have a new, very bare bones website. If the name seems odd, then I can perhaps explain by mentioning a small bit about a man named James Gosling and my circadian rhythm.

I met James Gosling once in 2010 at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. I tend to not care much for celebrity, but in this case I made an exception and completely turned into a fanboy for a few moments. Meeting him has stuck out more in my memory than any of my other chance meetings with people of notoriety. I respect James immensely because he was the visionary and father of the Java programming language - a computer language that is in widespread use today and the language that I have made my bread and butter on for quite some time.

James has a website at nighthacks.com. I personally think that’s a genius name despite my basically never visiting his website and only just now remembering about it the morning I wrote this post.

See, I’m not a night hacker and I produce no night hacks. My circadian rhythm is such that I end up getting drowsy at around 20:00 local time and often have completely nodded off before 21:30. I rise often before 05:00 and without an alarm clock, ready to attack the world with a head full of steam the minute I’ve fully opened my eyes. The most productive parts of most of my days come between the wee hours 05:00 and 09:00. This completely defies the stereotype of the solo creative spirit who burns the proverbial midnight oil over a glaring monitor.

If there is hacking to be done, then I do it in the morning. I’m a creator and a doer before the sun rises… and I’ve decided to write my thoughts on such things here.

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